20 Things They Didn’t Say About LA

Everything they didn't tell you about Los Angeles that you've now come to terms with.

1. Are you ready for this? There’s no Dunkin’ Donuts….

2. You’ll never have enough money

3. Mostly because you’ll rack up hundreds of dollars each month in parking tickets for your auditions

4. And because you won’t have a real acting job until you become a member of the SAG

5. Literally everyone around you is trying to make it as an actor

6. The pizza is really, really disappointing (especially if you’re from NYC)

7. And bars and clubs close at 2am much to your chagrin

8. Directors will exploit your desire to enter Hollywood at ANY cost

9. And until you make it big, you’ll be working as a sandwich artist

10. Because you won’t have time to build any other lucrative skills

11. You will master the art of fake smiling

12. Your parents will eventually stop supporting your pipe dream

13. You actually have to pay for grocery bags…

14. The dating scene is the worst, ESPECIALLY if you’re an actor

15. You’ll most likely develop anxiety and maybe a drinking problem in between auditions

16. Any role you do get will most likely be for mouthwash commercials

17. You’ll be rejected more times than you can count

18. But once you land a real acting role, you can count on being sleep-deprived

19. Everyone will just scoff at you if you ask what to do during an earthquake

20. And lastly, here’s something everyone DOES tell you that happens to be perfectly accurate: we really are a superficial, celebrity-worshipping bunch

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