Are Acting Classes Necessary

Do I Really Need to Take Acting Classes?

A question many aspiring actors ask is “Do I really need to go to acting school?” The answer is yes!  Even the most talented and well-known actors spend time in classes honing their skills.  Acting is an art form and just like the other arts like painting, jewelry making and sculpting, there are many different techniques.  Acting classes give you the foundation you need to start a career in or pursue acting gigs and also to grow as an actor.  The basic classes will teach you about the tools actors use and basic tips on using your voice, your movement, how to create characters, how to break down a scene and more.  Acting is much more complicated than simply walking onto a set or stage and saying lines from a script.

Some Important Knowledge You Gain from Acting Classes

Acting schools teach you not only how to tap into your feelings and real life experiences but how to use them in your craft.  They teach you how to use “make believe” scenarios and how to make them work.  From stage to screen there are so many different parts involved in creating a production and the more you know, the better chances you have of landing a role.  You have probably heard of a few instances where a person had never acted before and then landed a starring role in a film or television show.  That is the exception and not the rule.

How Acting Classes Help You

Acting and theatre classes teach you stage and screen terms along with technique.  If you are chosen to be in a film or theatre production, you want to know what you are talking about and understand what the director is talking about don’t you?  Not only do acting classes help to teach you the different techniques that are used, but you get to learn what works for you and what doesn’t.  Not every technique works for every actor.  The best tool acting classes give you is practice!  Instructors will usually give you scenes to learn, breakdown and practice (most times with an acting partner).  This teaches you how to use the other actor in your scene to benefit you and how to work off of them.

If you have no on-set or on-stage experience (not extra or background work) your next best weapon in the casting room is your training.  The more you practice, the more confident you will be, the less nervous you will be and the more prepared you will be, which is the most important tool an actor needs. Preparation and training can make or break an audition or booking.  Monologue classes are great as well since in auditions there are usually only two options.  You will perform a monologue you have prepared, or you will be given sides from the script to read with someone from the casting director’s team.  In a monologue class, the instructor will not only help you to prepare a monologue but they will help you to perfect it so you can use it on auditions.  Acting classes are an important part of the process and actors should constantly be in classes to improve and grow in their craft.

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