Beverly Hills Playhouse – LA

Address:   1816 N Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027       Website:   Click here »

Located at 1816 N Vermont Ave in Los Angeles, California, the Beverly Hills Playhouse has been offering acting classes for about thirty years. Moment-to-moment and behavior oriented acting as well as the skills of traditional American actors are emphasized.

The school also offers students who enroll in the acting class an opportunity to take audition classes to deal whatever fears they might be harboring. Tuition is $220 monthly for the acting classes while the audition classes are at a cost of $1000 and comprise of three classes at three hours each. He school is well known for using Katselas’ approach to teach students acting, administration and attitude to attain success.

Unlike typical acting schools, The Beverly Hills Playhouse does not mandate an audition but simply ask those who are interested in the class to attend an interview that lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. Workshops are always available as well as other resources for students to obtain hands-on experience in acting.

The Beverly Hills Playhouse is a great place to start for all the budding actors who want to take the skills they posses and leave a mark on the world of acting, or even the professionals who want to reinforce their skills.

Programs Offered:   Acting Classes

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