Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

Address:   7936 Santa Monica Blvd, W. Hollywood, CA 90046       Website:   Click here »

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute is an acting school that has providing training for over 40 years. It is located in Manhattan, New York and West Hollywood, California. The school was founded by the renowned acting teacher Lee Strasberg in 1969 to teach method acting.

The curriculum is specially designed by Strasberg and gives actors the chance to systematically pursue their work as well as obtain firsthand knowledge where the core concepts of his work are concerned. Through class work, seminars, exercises, scene work, and discussions, professionals and non-professionals are encouraged to develop their talent and themselves.

The Institute has built its outstanding reputation on the enduring value of Lee Strasberg’s teachings, the achievements of its students, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Aspiring actors are challenged to be bold, original where ideas are concerned and very passionate when chasing their dreams. Students who enroll always find that glow – that spark that turns an accomplished technician into an inspired artist. This is what makes Strasberg’s Method a vital technique for actor training.

Programs Offered:   Conservatory, BFA

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