How to Get Into Drama School

3 Great Tips How to Get Into Drama School

Acting is a fine, fun art, and a well paying career in most places as well. However, most people don’t know how to get into an acting school.

Whether you applied for Drama School and you didn’t make it, or you are driven by the passion to join the career, there are some essential things that have to be in place. This being the case, here are some tips to know about getting into Drama School just so you get strategically prepared or to avoid the mistakes most aspirants make before they end up missing out on the chance to develop their careers.

Preparation for Auditions

In most places, there are periodic campaigns held inviting applications for people willing to join the school of drama. It is through the campaign that successful applicants are selected through assessments and various skills checks. This then requires a focused mind, a fit body and good papers. This is where preparation comes in. you need to have these requirements handy and ready to be better poised for selection whenever these campaigns come.

Tips for Successful Auditions To Get To Drama School

Once you feel that you are ready and you are successful for an invitation for audition, there are some things to also take care of.

  1. Get Focused Before Starting

Most people fail auditions not because they don’t have talent, but because they get misfocused during their performance. One of the major causes of this is lack of preparation before starting the performance. To give an audition performance that will get you to Drama School, gather your focus and concentrate it on what you want to achieve, rather than what judges or the panel might think about your play. Connect with them first however, and show your confidence.

  1. Don’t Consider Your Audition as a Long One

The other tip for success during the audition and interview process, is to ignore the fact that your performance presentation might be a long one. Instead, view it like a three minute show which your panel has to watch every bit of.  This helps beat the feeling, ‘when will I get off the stage’. Remember to also keep the show lively by alternating moods, paces, and expressions and such in order not to bore the audience. The show should be lively and interesting.

  1. Be and Stay The Character

The other common mistake most students wishing to become a successful actor is that they forget to be the character, somewhere in between the performance.  Act for the full day.  Not just during the audition. Sometimes it happens just as one starts speaking, that they forget to give the character a reason to begin speaking. Don’t be like one of these actors. As a matter of fact, you are already an actor if you have the will. You just have to get it out and develop it, and all the rest will follow. This is what Drama Schools look for.

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