Beverly Hills Playhouse – New York

Address:   354 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036       Website:   Click here »

Acting classes have been available at the Beverly Hills Playhouse for over thirty years and facilitate both aspiring and professional actors. The classes always provide a certain level of passion, and entertainment that you won’t find at other institutions.

Fellow students and staff are always filled with a love for dramatic arts along with certain energy that always offer encouragement necessary to move forward.

The Beverly Hills Playhouse expanded to the city of New York in September 2008 and classes are held at the 45th Street Theatre on Tuesday nights under the guidance of Peter Allas.

The opportunity to attend Casting Director Workshops is available due to arrangements made specifically for the Playhouse. Some of the brightest directors in the industry take the time to meet with both intermediate and advanced acting class students to offer insight.

Tuition is only $22 monthly and classes are roughly 60 students. Admission is based on an interview that lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. No audition is required when matriculating for the acting classes. Hands-on experience is always at your disposal when you choose the Beverly Hills Playhouse to further your dream of becoming one of the most renowned actors in the industry.

Programs Offered:   Acting Classes

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