Top 3 Acting Schools in New York

Which are the Best Acting Schools in New York?

If you hail from the most populous city in the land of opportunities, then you probably know that New York City is full of opportunities for actors. Apart from the fact that acting is a great talent that is also popular to many, it is also adored by many others for being among some of the best paying careers globally. One can have talent, but then again, receiving perfect education in the art is crucial if you want to succeed better in acting as a career. If you have an ambition in the field, you might have thought what the top 3 acting schools in New York are.

The real truth is that they are just many superb facilities where you can get world-class coaching programs on acting aspects such as drama, play, film making and video production, and a lot more in this city. But some facilities are well ranked and just more equal than others if facts were set straight. Speaking of great acting courses, here are some of the top acting schools in New York City.

1. The Juilliard School NYC

If you heard of some famous actors and actresses such as Robin Williams, Kelsey Grammer, Laura Linney just to mention a few, they are all alumni of Juilliard School of acting. Located in New York City, this acting school is worth paying attention to if you want to begin, further career, or develop your acting talent. The other interesting thing about this particular school is that it really caters for top performers in the study. This is seen by the schools dedication towards rewarding top performance from students with grants and stipends as well as fully paid tuition fees.

2. Tisch School Of Arts, NYU

Located in city, the Tisch School of arts is other facility appearing at the top of the list. The facility not only trains aspiring actors, but aspiring producers and directors as well. This facility is a choice of many looking for film making programs and improvement in the acting career. Some of the most notable screen artists include Jeremy Piven, Philip S Hoffman, and Alec Baldwin, just to name a few.

3. Actor’s Studio Drama School, Pace University

If you are a fan of action movies, you probably have heard of or seen Robert Deniro on screen. Other famous actors who studied drama Pace university’s Actors’ Studio Drama School in New York City include Pacino, and Brando as well as Bradley cooper. Another interesting fact about the school is that it’s where the great method acting was invented. With the MFA program being the most dominant here, and the Stanislavaki being a popular tradition, the school referred to as the Sacred Place is good place to consider for acting career development.

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